Creating the identity for TPA, the National Chanel from Angola

With the aim of bringing the country and the world closer to Angolans, this Monday (18th) at the Ernesto Bartolomeu Content Production Center, in Camama, the first Angolan news channel in 47 years of broadcast by the Public Television of Angola.

The channel, named TPA Notícias, will provide information 24 hours a day about the country to the Angolan diaspora communities, and the international channel of TPA will broadcast content from this new news channel.

The director of TPA, Neto Júnior, made it known that among the various reasons that led the company’s management to open this new project is to respond to today’s challenges, public responsibility, adapt to the context in that the news becomes the protagonist.

For the Director of Information, Cabingano Manuel, with this great moment, TPA marks a very important step, and “tpa news comes with the purpose of making the work of communication professionals more visible on an ongoing basis”, and he also stressed that TPA’s editorial office is prepared for the moments that may be challenging in this new programming schedule.

The channel will feature new faces, specifically young people, who have gone through a training process, many of whom have gained their first job, as well as others who may be inserted after a selection process, which may take place soon.

It is worth noting that the new channel will be broadcast in closed signal and is available on content distribution platforms in Angola, namely Zap, in position 19, and on TV Cabo, position 3.

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