On the Ground at the NY Stock Exchange for The Arena Group IPO

I collaborated with WANT Branding, to create the meteoric logotype for one of the most giant companies in The World of the Entertainment and Media.

I am amazed to share with you some captions from their IPO.

The Arena Group, formerly known as Maven, parent of The Street and publisher of Sports Illustrated, has uplisted its stock on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker AREN.

Ross Levinsohn, CEO of The Arena Group, rang the opening bell at the NYSE Wednesday morning.

In addition to Sports Illustrated and The Street, The Arena Group’s brands include The SpunThe Crypto InvestorHub Pages, and more.

Last 2022, the company filed to move its common stock from the OTCQX to the New York Stock Exchange. Concurrent with the uplist, the company also said it would execute a reverse stock split of its common stock and officially change its name to The Arena Group Holdings Inc.

Welcome Fortune 500.

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