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Choose your happiness
CB3® Green Life is a group of three entrepreneurs who, after decades of experience in pharmacology, veterinary medicine and food, decided to expand their commercial range in the emerging world of CBD (cannabidiol).
Their philosophy is to offer a product line that helps their users to take care of their body and mind, covering the whole spectrum of products based on this active ingredient.


To create a brand that introduces to its public this type of products (CBD-based products) from a reliable, scientific, and analytical perspective, in order to provide a different experience to those people who want to improve their wellbeing and lifestyle.
In addition, it is important that the brand is versatile enough to attract a young recreational audience, and an adult audience interested in the pharmacological properties of this type of products and in the positive aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

The brand

Cannabis 360° is an original concept provided by the client during the briefing, and of great importance in representing the brand since, based on it and the idea of circularity.
Not only the graphic brand is created, but also the main elements for the visual identity. CB3 Green Life covers 360º of products based on CBD: aromatic flowers, cosmetics, resins, textile, pharmacology…
An extended typography is chosen to promote the idea that with our CBD products your users are also extending their limits.
CBD Salud dolor cosmético


The solution

A strategy based on information and honesty is defined, focusing on the pharmacological nature of CBD, on its precise chemical analysis and on its purity parameters, in order to bring seriousness to a product that, until now, was mainly known for its recreational use.
Cogollo flor y aceite de CBD
CBD Test THC Oil Cannabis aceite
A light, floating and expansive visual identity is created, based on the graphic representation of all the chemical and analytical principles of the product, and the schematic visualization of the effects that each variety produces in its consumers.
A brand that integrates product analytics into its visual identity to communicate a clear idea to its customers: happiness can be chosen, and, from now on, in a safe way with all the information at hand.
Cogollo flor de CBD cannabis

Product labeling

Each CBD flower has analytics that provide us with a unique graphic and color map for each product.
Since CBD is a product that soothes our daily life, we blurred these chromatic patterns to transmit through them that softness and lightness characteristic of the product. In this way we get unique gradients for each variety of flower that are perfectly integrated into the visual identity and add value to the brand strategy.
Aceite de CBD para cuidado personal y cosmética oil
Aceite CBD mujer cosmética

CBD — Smooth

With the chromatic map of each variety, we create a smoothed pattern that serves as an identifier.

CBD oil aceite test laboratorio





Jorge Rico


Javier Sacristán


Brand applications
Visual identity
Product design


Call me +34 679 201 913

Or text me hola@jorgerico.es

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