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Telediario is the most important national news program in Spain. Since its beginnings, it has been the informative reference of the public broadcaster RTVE and has aired to the world the most important news of recent history.


To endow the brand with sobriety, reliability, credibility and a modern look has been the starting point for the complete development of this full rebranding of one of the most recognized Spanish-language news programs.
This comprehensive redesign of logo, typographies and general look and feel, the move to a new chromatic palette, and the choice of flat design elements, are the result of the firm intention to modernize the brand and bring it closer to a younger audience in order to turn it into a global icon.

The brand

In order for the logo to play a central role in the graphic development of the program, as we will see below, the brand was redesigned and its strategy and narrative were adjusted.
In addition, the acronym TD is contracted into a single symbol to save space, improve its adaptability to digital platforms and channels, and use the brand as a signatory in news signage.


One of the most striking changes in this new stage of the program and its rebrand is the typographic section and the creation of an exclusive typography for the creation of the brand and for on-screen headlines.
To create this typography we extracted some morphological characteristics of the isotype to transfer them to the font developed for it, so that it has a clear continuity in the texts of headlines in headers, badges and screen.
In terms of naming, the typography created is called HABANA, as a tribute to the first TV news studios, located in Paseo de la Habana in Madrid.
In order to bring consistency to the whole, the typography is also developed taking as a reference the main typography chosen for program signage.


Regarding the chromatic aspect, the decision was taken to move away from the whites and light blues of the previous stage of Telediario, and darken the set to give the space more seriousness.
To the corporate blues of TVE we add black and a dark and dense blue. As accent colors, it was decided that the colors of RTVE and all the brands it encompasses would complete the chromatic palette.


The starting concept on which the new image of the Telediario is structured is the flow of information and data through which the news is possible.
Starting from a map in decomposition, this breaks down into information-carrying lines that take us from one point to another, to finally form the new logo created from data modules.
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Detail from the early concepts


The pieces commonly used for infographic composition have been refreshed, adapting their shapes and colors, and creating animation dynamics that facilitate the understanding of the elements that appear in them during their brief time on screen.


In order to reinforce the program’s recognition, facilitate message transmission and collaborate with the dynamics of the news, an iconic element is created: the navigation bar, presented both vertically and horizontally. This bar is the vehicle for the arrangement and appearance of information in a single space or box, varying its size according to the signage needs.
In addition, the persistent title is introduced, as well as the animation followed by texts, to label at every moment, instead of saturating the message box with long sentences.
A dynamic system that seeks simplicity and legibility of the texts and that provides a solution to the dynamics of informative narration.


For the Telediario stage, different areas of informative expression have been differentiated. In this way we integrate our infographic elements and create design routines for both general and specific backgrounds integrated into this large screen format.
The stage will also be the place of informative support through AR and Virtual Windows.
Some real images of the implementation







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